Water Bores Perth

People in most areas of Perth are able to sink a water bore at a cost effective price. The process is quite simple and straight forward. The first day the drilling team will arrive and drill to the necessary depth to obtain water and will then lower the bore casing down the hole using 100mm PVC casing. After that they will pack the casing using drillers gravel which helps with filtration. Once this has taken place we use a high powered compressor to develop the bore hole.

The following day we will install the submersible pump and all the electrical work will take place. Then, if required, we will connect your water bore to your existing irrigation system and disconnect from your mains water supply.

The finished product

 There are many benefits to using bore water over scheme water, 

  • There are big water savings as the average house uses 40% of their water on irrigation  
  • You are able to water more often
  • Your garden will enjoy the earth’s natural minerals which have been stripped from highly treated scheme water
  • It may add value to your property

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