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At Perth Bores we specialise in the installation, maintenance and repairs of new and existing water bores for the greater Perth area – north and south. Chances are we’ve completed a water bore installation job on your street. Perth has an easily accessible water table so it makes sense to install a water bore at your place. Water bores allow you to water your garden regularly as a result of drawing water from the underground water supply. Bore water also has the earth’s natural minerals which will help your garden to thrive – unlike scheme water which has been highly treated to make drinking water.

Using your location we can accurately measure the depth to water on your property, thereby offering you the best price and quote for high quality, reliable, submersible pumps.

Because we also specialise in irrigation & reticulation systems, we are able to tailor your water bore system to meet your existing irrigation system or can design a system to suit your needs.

ATTENTION: To deliver the greatest long-term value to our clients, all of our products and services have full warranties. The bore pumps we use, in particular, are Italian-made to ensure our clients enjoy the longevity of high quality systems.

Why do I need a water bore?

With the average household in Perth using 40% of their water consumption on irrigation, there are huge savings by installing a water bore. By using a bore you will be able to save money on your water bill and bore water is better for your garden than highly treated drinking water. Drinking water is a precious commodity and we should try to save it where we can. With strict water restrictions on scheme water, you will also be able to maintain your garden better by watering up to three times per week.

If you would like to get a free, no-obligation water bore quote, just click here to request a quote and one of our bore specialists will contact you within 24 hours to book a time.