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Water bore and pump repairs

At Perth Bores, we can solve all your water bore and reticulation problems. We repair both submersible and the older style above-ground centrifugal well bores.
  • Insurance work- if your water bore has stopped working you may be able to claim it through your home insurance under motor fusion or burnt-out motor, which can be caused by a power surge or lightning strike
  • Bore repairs of both submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps
  • Air development of bores
  • Automating your system by installing a quality irrigation / retic controller
  • Replacement of submersible and centrifugal bore pumps
  • Reduction of iron oxide in water bores
  • Water bore bacteria treatment solutions
  • Location of solenoid valves and broken pipes – New bore check valves
  • Electrical repairs for bore and irrigation systems


Common bore problems

At Perth bores we are fully trained to fault find and resolve your bore problem asap. With over 15 years experience in bores and irrigation, we have seen it all.

These are some of our most frequent troubleshooting enquiries:



The bore is tripping the circuit breaker when the system is turned on. 


No water is coming out of my sprinklers when I turn on my retic controller 


I can hear my bore pump running but have no water 


My system is down on pressure.





This is due to a electrical fault with either the bore motor or the electrical supply to the motor 


There are a few possible causes – a faulty retic controller, faulty bore 


If you have an older style bore well with a centrifugal bore this is a very common problem. This is most likely due to a priming issue, the pump will need to be reprimed or may require a new check valve 


your bore pump may need to be cleaned out or re redeveloped. This will improve full and quality






For more information

Just talk to our friendly staff today and get a free, no-obligation water bore quote.