Bore Repairs

At Perth Bores we can solve all your water bore and reticulation problems. We repair both submersible and the older style above ground centrifugal well bores.

Types of bore repairs include:

  • Bore repairs of both submersible pumps and centrifugal pumps
  • Air development of bores
  • Automating your system by installing  a quality irrgation / retic controller
  • Insurance work- if your water bore has stopped working you may be able to claim it through your home insurance under motor fusion or burnt out motor, which can be caused by a power surge or lightning strike
  • Replacement of submersibal and centrifugal bore pumps
  • Reduction of iron oxide in water bores
  • Water bore bacteria treatment solutions
  • Location of solenoid valves and broken pipes
  • New bore check valves
  • Electrical repairs for bore and irrigation systems

If your bore or reticulation system needs repairing or isn’t working 100% we can help fix the problem and get your system working once again.

Old submersible pump

Doing repairs on old bore well









Dirty bore water before chemical clean

Bore water after chemical clean

After the bore clean