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Q: Do metropolitan domestic garden bore users require a groundwater licence?

A: Metropolitan domestic garden bore users do not require a licence. They are exempt from the requirement to have a licence under the Rights in Water and Irrigation Act 1914.

Q: Are there any fees or charges for metropolitan garden bores?

A: There are no fees or charges payable to the Water Department for allowing the construction or use of a domestic garden bore.

Q: Can I share my bore with my neighbour?

A: Yes. We can install a water bore that will feed both your house and your neighbour’s with your own controller operating the bore. Alternatively, if you already have a bore, we can do all the work necessary to connect the bore into your neighbour’s property.

Q: Can my existing irrigation system be connected to my new bore?

A: Yes. We can connect your new bore into your existing system and we will disconnect the system from your mains water supply. Your system will then work as it did before but instead of using scheme water, when your controller turns on a watering station the submersible pump will start and you will be using free ground water.

Q: How much does a water bore cost to install drill?

A: The cost of installing a water bore varies from house to house as it all depends on the depth to water at your property. The deeper the bore the more it costs to install. But on average it ranges from around $2,500.00-$5,000.00 start to finish including all necessary work.

Q: Can I have a tap off my bore?

A: Yes. It is a good idea to install a tap off your bore as this will give you the freedom to do extra watering when needed or even top up your pool (we can test your water to ensure suitability).

Q: How long will it take to install a water bore?

A: It depends on the depth to water – in most cases it takes one day to drill and case the hole and then the following day the pump will be installed, your reticulation system will be connected to it and all the electrical work will take place. Usually, two days in total.

Q: Why don’t I have water coming out of the sprinklers?

A: There are a few things that could cause this problem. It could be a problem with your irrigation controller, solenoid valves, irrigation wiring or that the rural poly pipe which is down the bore hole may have burst. It may also be that your circuit breaker for the bore in the meter box might have tripped off or simply that your submersible pump may need replacing or repairing. No matter what the problem is we can help or offer you free advice.

Q: Is there any maintenance I need to do on my bore?

A: No. At Perth Bores we only use quality products and fittings which will give you hassle free watering for years to come.

Q: The circuit breaker trips off when I start my retic.

A: This is caused by an electrical fault with the bore motor or the power supply going to the bore pump. Give us a call and we can diagnose the problem very quickly and have your system back up an running ASAP. The common scenarios are a faulty capacitor (simple $150 fix), the contactor/relay, the electrical cable going down the bore hole, water in a electrical connection or the bore motor is fused/burnt out. If the bore motor is fused you will most likely be able to claim this under insurance, we will give you all the info needed to make the claim.

Q: My pump is running but no water is coming out!

A: This is a very common call we get at the beginning of each spring as a lot of the old well style bores are fitted with centrifugal pumps. These pumps need water in them to work and when left off for long periods of time they can loose prime (water). in most cases we can reprime the pump and have it back up and running for under $130. Or if your a handy person we can talk you through it over the phone. If after repriming the pump it still doesn’t hold water then most likely the check valve will need to be replaced.

Q: My pressure off the bore is dropping

A: This can be caused by a couple different things. One the pump impeller/impellers may be worn or damaged. If your bore pump runs for a few minutes then the pressure starts to drop/ fluctuate then you have a problem with a water supply from your bore. The pump is sucking the water out of the bore faster than the bore can recharge. A valve can be fitted to apply more back pressure to stop the pump from surging. If your bore is quite old or has high iron content getting your bore redeveloped will help improve flow and water quality or possibly look at lowering the pump further down the bore.

Q: My bore stains can I stop this?

A: Yes, we can install a bore stain stopper unit. Depending on the amount of iron in the water will depend on how affective the unit works. In most cases they work great. The cost of the unit installed is around $1800-$2,200 depending on your Irrigation setup.

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