Water Bore Servicing & Water Bore Repairs Perth

Unlike many Perth bore installers who only work with water bores, the Perth Bores team specialises in both water bore and irrigation systems. Because your water bore works hand in hand with your irrigation /retic system, we are able to meet all your watering needs at a great price.

Whether you’re after a new water bore or your pump has stopped working, keeps tripping off the circuit breaker or your pressure has dropped we can help! Contact us now

From big to small jobs, we do it all! With great local knowledge and years of experience our services include:

Water Bores

Free quotes all suburbs

Insurance work

New water bore installations

Automating existing bores

Replacement of submersible /centrifugal pumps

Fault finding

Chemical bore cleaning

Pump upgrades

Advice on bore pump selection 

Irrigation needs

Fixing solenoid valve and /or wiring problems.

Testing of your reticulation controller and reprogramming

Insurance work

Finding lost valves or broken wires

Repairs and maintenance to existing reticulation 

                                                                                       Free Quotes on reticulation

                                                               Installation or extension to new or existing reticulation system.

Old systems

Perhaps you have an older system and you are tired of manually turning it on and off and sometimes forget and leave it on for hours? We can help get it fully automated so you can have the peace of mind that your garden will thrive if you go on holidays or simply, if you just don’t want to worry about it anymore.